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PG2 Upgrade Center

PG2 has been greatly improved by the PG2 community from its original version, however there are a number of upgrades that need to be done to take full advantage of all the PG2 mods. This page contains information about upgrading a standard game of PG2 to include all the new mods and patches (and is only concerned with upgrading single-player PG2). 

Last Update: June 3, 2010

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of how-to instructions, rather it is just a list of upgrades and links. You will have to figure a lot out out yourself, but none of these upgrades are difficult and plenty of help is available if you need it. If you have any problems downloading these files, they are all available elsewhere; just look at my links page for other PG2 sites. If you have any questions, please contact me or post a question on one of the forums listed on my links page.

Note, all these downloads are on's FTP site - if you have any download problems please contact me.

Please note that an alternate complete download of PG2 setup for the Adlerkorps Equipment File is available here. This is the best way to upgrade the game - all you have to do is change the equipment file and various graphics as necessary. The graphics upgrades are available here. 

  1. Patch your program to the official version 1.02. There are different language versions of this patch (see below). Some assistance and a lot more information about the official patches is here. The following are the official SSI patches and you must install them for most other upgrades to work; the patches must complete with no errors (otherwise you have to reinstall PG2 and start again). 

    English (USA version) - 1829KB
    English (UK version) - 1452KB
    French - 263KB
    German - 1356KB

  2. Move the maps from your CD to your hard drive. This is important to play most user made scenarios and campaigns (and is vital if you are using Windows 2000 or XP, since the game will not work with the CD in the drive for these versions of Windows). The instructions to move maps are here - my best advice is to follow the instructions exactly and you will have no problems. Once this is done you can remove the CD from your drive. In the future as you add new maps put the graphics (the .shp files) in the new "MAP" folder and the map information (the .map files) in your "SCENARIO" folder. You can get all the map files from the Clearinghouse.

  3. Music and Voice Briefings. Once the CD is out of the drive, you will have to do one of the following two things (even if you normally do not listen to the music or briefings). Either:

    a. Turn music and briefings off completely. Open any scenario. Select additional options. Select music volume. Click the on/off button above the volume slide. This will stop the game trying to access your CD drive and dramatically slowing the game down. NOTE: EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MUSIC YOU HAVE TO TURN IT OFF!! 


    b. Listen to the music and briefings. Copy the complete contents of the "sound" folder on your CD to an identically named folder in your main PG2 folder on your computer. Select all the files and de-select the "read-only" attributes (just like you did with the maps in "2"). Then you have to run the game using the "unofficial" patch (see below). 

  4. Upgrade the game graphics (the "datup"). You need to update the file "panzer2.dat" (which contains most of the graphics you see in the game) with additional graphics. Get the latest "datup" here (this latest version is actually a panzer2.dat ready to copy into your main program folder) - 26.75MB. 

  5. Upgrade the game sounds (the "soundup"). You need to add new sound effects, download the Soundup2008 upgrade - 18.68MB. 

    If you choose not to install the new sound effects the game will work fine, but some actions will be silent.

  6. Install the unofficial patch. This is an unofficial patch that adds a number of enhancements for both players and modders. For most newer campaigns and scenarios you have to use this patch. This mod is called a patch, but it is simply a replacement program to run PG2. Please note that you must have installed the official PG2 patch first! (see "1").

    The latest version of the unofficial patch is 2.20 and you can get it here - 405KB.

    NOTE: The unofficial patches only work with English language (US and UK) versions of the game; or with upgraded French/German versions. For users of French and German versions you have to upgrade all the text files (files ending in either .deu or .fra) to text (.txt) and remove a number of characters that cause the US and UK versions to crash (and the unofficial patch is basically a modified UK version of the game). There is a tool to do this the Deu/Fra Textconverter - 1.49MB.

  7. Other graphics upgrades. The Graphics Switcher tool will change the flag, leader pictures and (optionally) the start screen graphics for different equipment files.

The above is the minimum necessary to update your game. There are many other upgrades, including equipment files, video sequences and other graphics but these are not covered on this page. This page is in a constant state of flux.

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