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The following text is taken verbatim from Panzer General III Central. Please note that my site does not support PGIII, so I cannot answer technical questions, but a good source for information and help (and to find other players) is JP's Panzers.

Panzer General III Scorched Earth
Customization Package

This package includes all of the necessary PG 3D Assault files needed to run converted scenarios and campaigns through your PGIII Scorched Earth game. Over the past few years, many of the scenarios and capaigns have been converted, many new custom scenarios and campaigns have also been created and are ready to use via the PG3Play custom infrastructure. converted unit and image files from the needed to run PG 3D Assault


Installing the PG3 Customization package is now easier than ever. The following is the step by step instruction necessary to ensure a clean installation of the package. For those of you not running WindowsXP and without decompression software, download a the free reader from PKWARE.

PGIIISE Custom Install (ZIP-115MB)

Here, in order, is the list of steps you should take to customize you PGIIISE game:

1. Uninstall Panzer General III Scorched Earth using the uninstall link in the "Start Menu".

2. Delete the main "PGIII Scorched Earth" directory.

3. Empty out the Recycle Bin.

This gives you a fresh start, removing all files under the original "PGIII Scorched Earth" directory.

4. Re-Install Panzer General III Scorched Earth and make sure you leave the CD-Rom in the DVD/CD drive.

5. Create a "PGIII Central" folder under "My Documents" to store all of your PGIIISE Custom Packages.

6. Download the "Panzer General III Scorched Earth Customization Package" to your "PGIII Central" folder, unzip the contents into the "PGIII Central" folder.

7. Run the version 1.1 patch executable(pg3sev1_1.exe) located in the "My Documents\PGIII Central\PGIIISE Custom Install\v1_1" folder in order to update your stock game to version 1.1.

8. With the PGIII Scorched Earth CD-ROM still in the drive, run the setup program (Setup.exe) located in the "My Documents\PGIII Central\PGIIISE Custom Install" folder and wait for the program to notify you of the successful completion of the installation.


As well as the 3D Assault map add-on, this package contains a compilation of all previous add-ons packages from the earlier PGIIISE Custom setup. Here's are the summaries from the old web site of what's included:

1. Sturmtiger

The Sturmtiger add-on package contains the first PGIIISE 3d-Object edit in the form of a new Tiger-Mörser unit. This new unit, along with the Flammpanzer 38(t) Hetzer from the original package, have been added to the Manstein Campaign and three late-war scenarios in which the Germans are under human control--Spring Awakening, Shmyert Fascisti and Pressure Cooker in Prussia.

2. Ciechanow

This add-on features the first PG2 to PGIIISE map conversion complete with a new Ciechanow scenario suited for use with the PGIIISE game engine. Load the scenario via the main menu's "Play Scenario" link and choose "Ciechanow" from the list of scenarios.

3. Crusader Package

Featured in this package is another 3D-Object edit in the form of a new Crusader MkI Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun. Beginning in late '42 the upgraded Crusader tank chassis was retrofitted with a Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun, replacing the existing turret housing a 2-Pounder\40mm Anti-Tank Gun. The excellent Bofors gun remained in service with many countries armed forces well past the end of WWII. Three other new units are also included in this package, a 94mm British Air Defence Gun (copy and recolour of the US 90mm), a USAF Me 262 (captured from Germany), and a Russian P205/Maus. The Crusader and 94mm have been added to the available units roster of five converted PG3D Assault scenarios included with this package.

Included Scenarios

Market Garden, Operation Plunder, Operation Goodwood, The Mareth Line and Death or Glory.

4. PG3D Leclerc Campaign

The Leclerc Campaign add-on package contains the PGIIISE version of the PG3D Assault Leclerc Campaign.

5. PG3D Kesselring Campaign

The Kesselring Campaign add-on package contains the PGIIISE version of the PG3D Assault Kesselring Campaign and a updated version of the PG3Play program.

6. Karlgerat Package

At 600mm the Gerat 040 was the biggest gun used during World War II, and it is the biggest gun ever to be used in any Panzer General game. The Karlgerat was best known for its service during the Battle of Sevastapol, where two of the units, Thor and Odin, took part in the siege and managed to fire off 197 rounds against the Russian defences. To simulate this action a remake of the Carnage in the Crimea scenario has been created with two Gerats taking part in the action. The movement values for the Gerat are low, but all in all I think it's a useful piece of equipment, especially if you are trying to bust up heavy defences. The unit has also been added to the Manstien and Kesselring Campaigns.

7. PG3D Rommel Campaign

The Rommel Campaign add-on package contains the PGIIISE version of the PG3D Assault Rommel Campaign, an updated version of the PG3Play program, and a new Anti-Tank unit created using the PG3MeshEd program! The new unit, a Skoda 4.7cm PaK fixed on the Renault R35 chassis, makes it's debut during the first round of desert fighting and replaces the original Panzer Jager I. This new Panzer Jager gained one point over the original on Ground Defense because it's superstructure provided better protection for crew members. The original Panzer Jager had gun shields that left both the top and back of the gun compartment exposed. An increase in ammunition stocks was also warranted.

To find out more about how the new unit was created click here.

8. RAF Bombers++

The RAF add-on package contains a brand new Handley Page Hampden model, three existing American-made bombers painted in RAF colours, and another variant of the Mosquito bomber--the Mark IV! Also included is the converted aftermarket PG3D Assault scenario "Berlin or Bust" which includes the bombers, and an updated "O'Connor" campaign that now features the Hampden bomber.

Also includes new Canadian units, a Polish Cromwell, and a Churchill V!

9. New Equipment Textures

Edward Pinniger has created dozens of magnificent new replacement skins for the PG3 equipment stock. WWII Scholars will no doubt appreciate the attention to detail on a variety of elements, not the least of which being the camouflage colours. Included in the package are new skins for the Panther, Tiger, M4A3, British Cruiser and Infantry tanks, Russian T34 and KV-1 plus much more!

New textures added for Yakovlev fighters!

*UPDATE* Richard Bird has added winter camouflage to many of the units!

10. Eastern Liberation Campaign

Just when you thought hostilities were nearing an end with Germany, the Allies find themselves embroiled in a new and ever-greater conflict in this five scenario mini-campaign by Philip Nelson. As the commander of the Allied forces, you are challenged to rescue German forces in danger of being overun by the Red Army and bludgeoning your way through Eastern Europe all the way to pre-war Russia. As a result of your victories, the countries of Eastern Europe will be spared many many years of Soviet suppression, Germany will once again be allowed to regain superpower status, and Ubi-Soft will release the long awaited Panzer General sequel "PANZER GENERAL IV: Uranium Enriched WM3D" -- all thanks to your heroic efforts! Hey, what else could a Panzer General ask for!!

11. Patton, Guderian and JOE

Although a very good campaign overall, the PG3D Assault Patton campaign does seem to veer off the General's actual warpath at times do to a shortage of appropriate maps. The maps you do encounter, however, are some of the most aesthetically pleasing in the game! And as with many of the American scenarios, you should be able to pound your way through subsequent major victories with a few Paratroops, half-a-dozen Bombers and a couple of Scout Cars.

Also included in this package is the aftermarket Panzer General equipment file "JOE" of JP's Panzers. I'm really impressed with the huge effort poured into this project by the "International Consortium of Experts" headed by David Seddon. Thanks to them, new units have been permanently added to the game, PG3Play has been updated to allow the use of custom equipment files, and the text data file has also been updated with new names for some of the stock units.

And last but not least, an edited PG3Play compatible version of the Scorched Earth Guderian campaign that leads you on an all new major victory path. The campaign edit, a new concept dreamt up by Philip Nelson, opens the door for many more of the like.

12. Guderian Hybrid

Panzer Generals worldwide, get ready to blow the heck out of all that stands before you!

The long awaited Guderian hybrid campaign is here at last. Years in the making, this revolutionary new campaign design guarantees countless hours of fun and adventure for all! Tested by yours truly for unprecedented destruction, many of the original scenarios have been edited to enhance AI competitiveness against the much more developed leadership force you will soon be fielding. By the time you are finished with Poland, France, Great Britain, and Russia, most of your uber-leaders will be promoted to the maximum and multi-decorated for the coming invasion of America. Being the longest Panzer General 3 campaign to date(24 scenarios), all countries will participate, and the Italians will even make an appearance in Russia for the first time! And to top things off, a new unit will make it's debut during the final stages of American campaign!

Tip: Use AI hit and run tactics with your "Fighter Planes" when battling the western allies in England, Africa and America. Unless, of course, you enjoy watching highly-decorated Herman Goerings spiraling to the ground in flaming wreckage on a turn by turn basis.

13. PGSE Murmansk Front Map with Scenario

This package features an all new PG3 map made with the original Panzer General(DOS) terrain icons. I have found that slightly enlarged(+10%) versions of the original PG(DOS) icons can be used to create 2048*2048 maps that are virtually free of distortion. The larger images eliminate the need to stretch/enlarge image data in order to fill the drawing surface, which results in a much clearer map display. And being that the images are 8-bit(256 colour), they compress to a degree that allows me to offer the maps for download. This project also demonstrates how image data in "Mesh.nif" files can be extracted and stored in separate files, which amongst other benefits makes it possible to share image data.

Admittedly, this map takes a little getting use to, the retro-look and all, but lately it has grown on me to the point where I may even make a few more. I converted an old program of mine to load bitmap versions of the PG terrain icons - along with a few Fantasy General and original icons - and draw them on a hex grid. The program saves the image indexes to file in order to redraw incomplete maps, and saves the actual map image to a bitmap file for further processing. Eventually, terrain and road values could be attached to the individual terrain images in order to eliminate the need to edit terrain data in the scenario editor.

Also included with this package is "Pestamo", a new challenge scenario made for the new map. It is a historical battle with an actual front line - a rarity for PGIII thanks to the limited number of units. Usually, units group at victory hexes awaiting the inevitable onslaught of AFVs and Bombers.


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