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Waffenkammer Equipment files

Waffenkammer SMK Video sequences:
Get them here.- the videos have moved...

Graphics and Sound Effects:
Information about adding graphics and sounds are here. You can use the standard "datup" from Builders Paradise -  except you will not get the Japanese and Chinese flags in the WW2 upgrade (which is not a problem for most campaigns, and even those that use Japan or China will work properly; only the flags are wrong). The standard "soundup" from Builders Paradise should be used for sounds.

To upgrade to the WW1 or WW3 files you have to add the extra *.shp files included in the download (read the readme carefully).

Equipment files:

All the equipment is here here, you should ONLY use the "editor" versions for creating scenarios - not for playing!! A couple of Waffenkammer modifications have been added, by Jorge Gabitto and Michael Pucci.

All files are the work of other people; I have just made them available.

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