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Follow the adventures of General Bistrov in his own private diary - screenshots of the campaign are here. You command an elite, fictional Russian corps from 1942 to 1945.

(A product of Steve Brown Workers' Collective)

Version Equipment File Download Campaign Size Maps needed
Read the readme file if you are not familiar with adding user-made maps
2.0a Waffenkammer 4.02 437KB

Berlin, Guam, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kitilae, Narvik, Penang, Sakhalin, Sevastopol, Sortavala, Stalingrad

3.0 AdlerKorps

(conversion done by Mick Marchand)
365KB (Note: the map roster is different to v2.0)

#208 Belgrade
#72 Berlin
#556 Boden
#54 Irkutsk
#52 Kazan
#81 Kitilae
#42 Narvik
#75 Penang
#44 Sevastopol
#66 Sortavela
#41 Stalingrad
People's General : WW2

IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional downloads for this campaign plus other information and links for PeG:WW2 are here.
709KB This is a conversion of the campaign by Robert Mary for the "People's General : WW2" mod for People's General. The download contains the complete campaign... I have nothing to do with this mod (and I have not played it) so if you have problems or questions I am not the person to ask... the readme included with the package should provide all the information and contacts you need. 

Optional extra sound file:  (, 1.44MB zipped, plays for 80 seconds). This is an optional download, the campaign will work perfectly without it. To use the file, copy to your SOUND folder. Make sure your music is turned on and you are using the latest "unofficial" PG2 Patch.

Campaign timeline (version 2.0a): The timeline of the campaign in graphical form is available in a number or formats; zipped PDF version (14KB), unzipped PDF version (if you have the Acrobat Reader installed as a plug-in, 16KB), GIFs - Page 1 (58KB) &  Page 2 (64KB), zipped up collection of the GIFs (120KB), or a text version.

A list of battles in v2.0 of the campaign follows (these are not in chronological order), the longest path is 27 scenarios:

00 Stalingrad
01 Belgorod
02 Kharkov-1
03 Kharkov-2
04 Novorossiisk
05 Prokhorovka
06 Demyansk Pocket
07 Kharkov-3
08 Kanev-1
09 Dnepropetrovsk
10 Sivash
11 Kanev-2
12 Staraya Russa
13 Novy Bug
14 Perekop
15 Sevastopol
16 Vyborg
17 U-Line
18 Sortavala
19 Pechenga
20 Saaremaa
21 Kuestrin
22 Budapest-1
23 Budapest-2
24 Budapest-3
25 Budapest-4
26 Budapest-5
27 Sakhalin
28 Belgrade
29 Seelow Heights
30 Paramushiru

Prokhorovka (?)
Scenario 30 Prokhorovka (?)

Katyushas in action

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