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Here are the various things you need, in addition to the campaign:

(All the maps needed for the campaign are in this file)
Download Maps

Get maps from the Map Finder
(This is a musical selection that will play over the scenario briefings - optional) 
(This is an introduction to the campaign - optional) 
Graphics Upgrades:
1. You must upgrade your graphics with the latest Panzer2.dat upgrade ("Datup"). Get it from the Clearinghouse (look at "Latest Panzer2.dat by Leon and von Adler" in the Tools and Utilities section). 

2. If you want the game to show the correct flags, and a number of other other 2.0 Patch graphics upgrades, you need to download the "Flag quick shifter" tool, "DossierSwitcher" and "Pacific Equipment File Graphics Upgrade - which are all available from the Pacific Equipment File page. The campaign will work without the correct flags and new graphics, so this is theoretically optional.
Sound Effects:
To get all the sound effects you should download and run Soundup2008 - which adds all the new sounds
Soundup2008 (18.68MB)
Unofficial Patch
You must run the game using the latest "unofficial patch". See the the Upgrade Center for more information. The latest version at the time of writing is 2.20.
2.20 patch is now available! (405KB)

The Campaign:

Version Equipment File Download Size (KB) Maps needed
Read the readme file if you are not familiar with adding user-made maps

Pacific Equipment file v4.0+. The latest version at the time the campaign was finished is included in the download, but updated versions are here

Leon's Equipment file 4000/4000 v1.0
is included with the download - use at least this version! This version converted to Leon's Equipment file by Leonid Usachev, but updated versions are here
version 2.00

version 1.00b

1058 (2.00)

182 (1.00b)
Download all the user made maps for this campaign in one big file (6.92MB)

Cape Gloucester *
Guadalcanal2 *
Iwo **
New Georgia *
Talasea *
Torokina *
        * also available in My Maps
** NOT Iwojima or Iwo7


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