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This page is a tribute to our missing Panzer General 2 modification comrades; campaign and scenario designers, icon makers, map makers, utility writers and other contributors to the modification of Panzer General 2 - all of whom are missing in action and have not been heard from for a while.

If you are listed below and are not really missing, please let me know.

Links referred to below can be found on my
links page. If you have a suggestion for someone to add, please contact me. The following list is in no particular order. 

The idea for this page was suggested by Brian 'Puma'  Gosley - who is not missing...

The fonts used on this page can be downloaded here (133KB).

  • Andreas Seidel (Waffenkammer)
    Andreas was once a prolific creator of maps, icons and campaigns but he is best known as creator of the Waffenkammer equipment file, which is still one of the most popular equipment files and is the basis for some other files. The Waffenkammer website still exists, but PG2 material is not being updated.

  • Ray Schroder (a.k.a. Zerstorer)
    Raymond Schroder was the creator of the Zerstorer equipment file, one of the earliest equipment files. It was a popular file and is still a good file. He also had a web site (that still exists) which listed a number of early PG2 campaigns and other mods. His file and site have not been updated for a long time.
    Leigh Higham (a.k.a. Sleighr)
    Please note; I am not 100% sure that Sleighr's real name is Leigh Higham - if you can confirm his real name I would be appreciative. Sleighr was a creator of many icons a long time ago, in 1999 and maybe 2000, and was a major contributor to the older PG2 forums. He has been missing for a long time.

    TCologne created many icons and some campaigns - but his major contribution was to organize and store user-made icons on his web site. He  is no longer updating his site and there is a definite need for someone to continue his work (hint, hint...).

    Kovi, in 1999 and 2000, posted many reviews of campaigns which he played only with tanks, recons and air defense - which pointed out some serious problems with the prestige values in the standard SSI (and all other) equipment files. This played some part the development of high prestige equipment files.

    "007" - from the "Hall of Mystery"
    007 is a nickname for the shadowy programmer who developed the 'unnofficial' PG2 patches. He is not so much missing as mysterious...

    Stephane Grateau (a.k.a. PanzerStef)
    Stephane, who is French, has a web site with a lot of PG2 information that was updated in 1999 and 2000, but it has not been updated for a long time. Stephane says 

    Yes , what you want may look strange for me as Hall of Fame is supposed to
    be for Dead peoples....

    But as my site is no more updated and will not be, i can be considered as
    dead for PG2 gamers (i have no more time and i am not enough interested in,
    even i still like PG2... too bad the Panzer series got boring with PG3Ds...

    Walter Model (a.k.a. Traveler)
    Walter created an early campaign, Unternehmen Barbarossa, that used some new concepts that have been used by campaign designers to this day; the most notable of which is Victory hexes that appear after the start of a scenario.

    Erik Tan
    Erik created a combined saved game/equipment file editor that, while not perfect, were the earliest utilities of their kind. Erik also did some early research into the saved game specification.

    Charles Tyson
    I do not know anything about Charles Tyson except he created a utility that creates .map files that is still used today. It is a very useful utility that has stood the test of time, even if it is not perfect.

    Hamdi Ozcelik - name is really ÷zcelik, but the font does not have an ÷ ...
    Hamdi created an equipment editor, the Delta Editor, that has been used by many equipment file designers.

    Antonio Leal-Inglada
    Antonio created one of the earliest user-made campaigns, The Spanish Civil War - it was made without any of the tools we use today.

    John McNulty
    John created one of the earliest user-made campaigns, Waffen-SS - it was made without any of the tools we use today.

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