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Renault R35s of the 44me B.C.C. counter attack German positions in the Abbeville area, May 29th 1940 - - this is in scenario 01 "Amiens-Abbeville"

From France in 1940 to France in 1945, via Libya, Tunisia and Italy! 

>> A review of v2.0 of this campaign is here! <<

Here are the various files you need, in addition to the campaign:
(All the maps needed for the campaign are in this file)
Download Maps
(17.33 MB)

Get maps from the Map Finder
(This is a musical selection that will play over the scenario briefings - optional)
(2.40 MB)
Graphics Upgrade
You should upgrade your graphics with the latest Panzer2.dat upgrade. Get it from the Clearinghouse (look at "Latest Panzer2.dat, by Leon and von Adler" in the Tools and Utilities section). 
Unofficial Patch v2.20 at a minimum.
You should at least use the 'unofficial' 2.20 patch to run the game, after first upgrading your PG2 to the official v1.02. See the the Upgrade Center for more information. 
2.20 patch is now available! (405KB)

The Campaign:

Version Equipment File Download Size (KB) Maps needed
Read the readme file if you are not familiar with adding user-made maps
2.50 Builders Paradise
Look in the "Equipments" section. Use at least v1.02.11.a which is included with the download. 1138 Download all the user made maps for this campaign in one big file (17.33MB)

Amiens (140)
Birhach (216)
Cass2 (255)
Colmar (325) 
Elba (154) *
Fondouk (171) *
Kufra (161) *
Laon (133)
Maknassy (203)
Mulhouse (339)
Toulon (126)
Tunis (58)
3.10 AdlerKorps 4000/4000
Look in the "Equipment" section. Use at least beta v0.52 (included with the download). Conversion to AdlerKorps by Jan Hedstrm (aka Pzmaniac). 183 same as above
LG Latin Generals.
Use at least v3.0. Conversion by Juan Carlos Preciado (aka "Juankar"). 65 same as above
        * also available in My Maps
new for v2.5 only

Screenshots of the campaign (click for full-size images):

In a desperate fight, French forces and elements of  the US 1st Armored Division battle Kampfgruppe Pfeiffer for control the Faid pass. Southern Tunisia; February 1, 1943 - full-size: 152KB.
Anti-tank guns go into action as the newly-formed French 4th Armoured Division attack near Montcornet, but meet elements of XIX Panzer Corps. Montcornet, France; May 17, 1940 - full-size: 166KB
Advance "shock" groups of the French 1st Army hold a beachhead against elements of the German garrison of the island of Elba while, further to the east, more French units and some British commandos attempt to land. French paratroops and British destroyers can also be seen moving in. Operation Brassard, off the Italian coast; June 17, 1944 - full-size: 105KB

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