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The following is a list of discussions about the First Annual PG2 Party, which was held in Ístersund, Sweden in July 2002. The following are just links to various forums and it is possible the threads will move - so if a link or any photo links go bad, please let me know.  These discussions are available on the following forums:

Adler =
AdlerKorps Forum (part of JP's Panzers Forums)
BP =
Builders Paradise Forum
JP =
JP's Panzers Forum (main forum or archives)

Subject Location
of thread
Photo Archive of the party (some of the photos are used in the following links)  
Unknown Party Pics (recently released "secret" photos of the party)  BP
General party preparations, food likes and dislikes Adler
Party menu discussion, general preparations & Milk Girls Adler
Reconnaissance from Copenhagen to Ístersund + Naval recon of Ístersund Lake Adler
Paul the Wanderer's report of the reconnaissance BP
Frippe Hedjuk's report of the reconnaissance JP
Status report, the first night. Some damage reported BP
Saturday, reconnaissance of Ístersund BP
Some general discussion and tech support BP
General party madness & light sabre duel Adler
The secrets of Adler's chocolate cake JP
The Chocolate Cake Poll BP
Progi pictures finally available! JP
The Brilliant Victory (the final meal) JP
Going home... JP
The party has left the building BP

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