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Often the forums are the best place to find information, particularly if you are new to modifying PG2, or just to find other players:

Builders Paradise Forum (The Praetorians Oasis) - mainly intended to discuss user-made additions to the game, maps, icons, equipment files, campaign and scenario making and pretty much all aspects of the game, particularly technical stuff..

JP's Panzers Forum - this one is more about game playing and is home to a number of "Challenge Campaigns". The forum is very active and is definitely worth visiting. There are a number of sub-forums attached to this forum for many games including AdlerKorps/Generalleutnant von Adler's Forum, to discuss the AdlerKorps equipment file or anything else and Grigio Verde (Oronzo's Forum), to discuss Oronzo's equipment file and all sorts of things. There are also a number of forums dedicated to other games and wargaming in general including; Panzer General, Panzer General 3D Assault/Scorched Earth, Allied General, Pacific General, People's General & Steel Panthers Series;

Freedom Fighters War Game Club forum  
A popular forum, to discuss PBEM and all aspects of the game - the FFWC also has a large web site, which you can link to from the forum;


The Battle Group - Another popular forum, more concerned with PBEM. There is a lot of interesting stuff here.

Web Sites (Panzer General 2):
I have not bothered listing all Panzer General 2 sites, since more links are available from sites:

Builders Paradise - Campaign creation tools, files, maps, links. Builders Paradise is generally considered to be the premier PG2 site for anyone interested in creating PG2 campaigns and scenarios, and for general information -  Builders Paradise should be your starting point for information if you are new to playing non-SSI campaigns. Also home of the  Builders Paradise Map Center - one of the most important PG2 resources. The links page on Builders paradise contains the best links...

The 5 Star General - Devoted to SSI's 5 star games, a lot of PG2 information and downloads are available;
7.Panzerarmee Headquarters
- Home for Dave Anderson's campaigns;
AdlerKorps - lots of stuff here including the AdlerKorps equipment file, definitely worth visiting;

The Battle Group - A popular PBEM site;
Bill D's PG2 Map Page (old page) and Bill D's Panzer General 2 Mods Page (new page) - A great site from Bill Dickens, which contains his Pacific theatre maps, icons, equipment file and other material. This site, and "Mikes Military History/Gaming Page" (see below) are the 2 main sites for the Pacific Theatre equipment file and upgrade. (NEW) Bill now has a new equipment file, Bill's Big Equipment File, new campaigns and modified campaigns. NOTE: The sites seem to have disappeared, but we hope they will be back. In the meantime some of the material is on my site - if you are looking for something from Bill's site, please ask...;
Herr General  - Dirk Cremer's site, contains a very large scenario and campaign archive; 
JP's Panzers  - There is an amazing amount of material here, if you want to find other people interested in the game this is the place to start;
Kapitan DRAGO - Lots of new PG2 icons and plenty of WW2 Bulgarian information, an interesting site;
Oronzo - home of the Oronzo equipment file, scenarios, user maps, Oronzo's campaign-in-development,  and a lot of other information (you could spend a lot of time on his site). Oronzo has a lot of useful PG2 downloads on his site;
Panzer  - A lot of PG2 downloads are available here (in particular, all the maps). There is also PG1 and Pacific General downloads and PBEM/online gaming information. This is an excellent resource. also has a mirror to the Builders Paradise Tools section
The Puma Prowls - Back again by no demand :-) Brian Gosley's campaigns, "Base" equipment file and other material;
The Stahlhelm Team - From Poland. This is rapidly becoming one of the best sources for PG2 mods. It includes a very nice maps download page.
Toliy's PGII Campaign Page ("The Baltic General") - Baltic equipment file, Toliy's campaigns and many PG2 downloads are here. 
War and Game - Scenarios, Campaigns, Equipment and Tools from Leonid Usachev;
- home of the Zerstorer equipment file, campaigns and downloads. A very old site that is not updated any more.

Web Sites (related games):
If you like PG2 you should definitely check out these sites:

PeG:WW2 - People's General modified for WW2, a very interesting concept.
Vypuero's Grand Campaign - A different PG2 campaign concept; - The host of this site and the place to visit for the serious wargamer (or even the not-so-serious).

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