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Contacting me

* If you are submitting a campaign make sure all the files are zipped up in a way that players will be able to find everything. You should include a readme that gives enough information for a player to install the campaign (even a new player), even if is simple - make sure you give a list of maps that are needed for the campaign! There is no submission process, if you have made a PG2 campaign it will be posted - it is up to you to make sure the download is complete, easy to install and the campaign actually works. I will sometimes change file names and move files around, but I will not change the campaign or even check if everything is included.

NOTE: I do not use Microsoft Word - so if you send me a file in Word format I may not be able to open it... a more generic format is best.

* Rev. Websnot = an anagram of my name originally by Sonzabird...
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