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The Commando Campaign 

This campaign follows various British Commando and Royal Marine operations from 1941 to 1945.

Here are the various things you need, in addition to the campaign:

(All the maps needed for the campaign are in this file)
Download (8.14MB)

Get maps from the Map Finder
Graphics Upgrades:
Get the latest graphics upgrade from the Pacific Equipment File page otherwise the campaign will be missing some icons! This campaign uses a modified Pacific Equipment File - so you need all the graphics upgrades but use the equipment file bundled with the campaign.
Sound Effects:
To get all the sound effects you should download and run Soundup2008 - which adds all the new sounds.(The campaign will work without the new sounds, so this is theoretically optional)
Soundup2008 (18.68MB)
Unofficial Patch version to use:
This campaign must be played using the new "unofficial" v2.20 Patch by "008" (or a newer version).
2.20 Patch (405KB)

Newer versions at the "Clearinghouse"

The Campaign:

Version Equipment file Download the campaign Size (MB) Maps needed
(Read the readme file if you are not familiar with adding user-made maps)
1.00 Special. Uses a modified Pacific Equipment File v4.0.C that is included with the download - the version bundled with the campaign MUST be used. 1.16 Comacchio (447)
Falklands East (401)
Gustav East (408)
Litani (443)
Port-en-Bessin/Bessin (446)
Salerno (original SSI)
StNazaire (392)
Stord (444)
Vaagso (442)
Vasterival (445)
Westkapelle44 (448)

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